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IMKI - is the event all students of Creative Industries mark in their calendars. It is specifically created so that professionals and students could gather to network and to share their experiences.
Three years running event, which is organised by CI third year students, gathers leading Lithuanian companies from various fields, such as public relations, advertising, television, press, etc. Students can get a behind-a-scenes look and show off their skills by completing different tasks prepared by the companies themselves. After the event, the most promising students are awarded.
Students also get one business card to give to the employer they are most interested in to work for in the future. This networking opportunity allows for future collaborations between promising students and interested employers.


“priARTink”  is a traditional creative intervention week in Vilnius, when the city opens itself for playful projects. The projects are created by VGTU students, who chooses the public space and works in groups to help it come to life in fun and unexpected ways. Creative interventions is a result of field research and also a way to revitalise the city and invite its people to join the activities and improve our surroundings. Come and join us!


“Meet Videography” is a project between Creative Industries faculty (VGTU) and a company founded by their graduate students called “Videography”. “Videography” provides the tools and insights of audiovisual communication and video marketing.
 “Meet Videography” invites students to a series of lectures from February to April each year. During this time, students will learn how to choose the best equipment for their idea and how to get the best possible results from it. During practice they are shown how to plan the filming process, write the script, light and film their video and later how to edit it properly. These skills are valuable as much at the university as is later on looking for a work place.
“Videography” is also a potential employer for Creative Industries students, because their are always looking for talented people with skills and original ideas to join them.


VGTU Creative Industries faculty and “Digital Academy” invites students to “Creator's Hub” a project designed to provide an immersive learning experience. Students will take part in various lectures and trainings, will be provided with opportunities to create their own online series, participate in international projects.
During the “Creative Hub” project students learned about history of popular brands, the importance of content in video adverts, analysed how to reach intended “Youtube” ad audience. They were shown the main principles of working with “AdWords for Video”.
At the end, students were given a practical task - to create a pitch for an online series pilot video. The best ideas were reviewed not only by “Digital Academy”, but also by members of TV3 - one of the biggest Lithuanian televisions.
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