Sitemap Mano VGTU Medeinė

The Faculty implements the first-cycle (Bachelor's degree) study programmes of Creative Industries, Entertainment Industries, Event Engineering and the second-cycle (Master's degree) study programme of Communication of Creative Society.


Study programmes in the faculty of Creative Industries are interdisciplinary. Studies are based on introduction to different changeable fields of creative industies such as media, photography, cinema, design, journalism. Students discover their own field and develop their knowledge in that specific field. Students communicate with many specialists of creative industry: artists, technicians, people who generate new ideas and who implement them.
Most of the disciplines are created to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge using teamwork and learning-by-doing principle. Creating and analysing projects and plans is very common activity in Creative Industries studies. Analysis of the theory is related with practical processes.
Creative Industries students have a possibility to obtain international experience through participation in students exchange programmes, summer schools and practise abroad. Every academic year our faculty invites foreign professors, lecturers, companies representatives who come to share their experience to improve our students‘ knowledge. 



The faculty of Creative Industries has more than 300 graduate students who successfully found their workplace in labor market in Lithuania and abroad. More than 80% of graduate students work in creative industries field. It is only 4 years when the firsts Creative Industries students graduate this study programme but despite the fact there are already 7% of them who work as directors. The others are specialists, projects managers, consultants. Seniors of the faculty of Creative Industries actively participe in the faculty‘s events and contribute to study programme improvement.
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