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Creative Industries International International relations

Students who has a chance to get an international experience gain an advantage to know international markets and cultures, to be able to work in intercultural teams and actively practice foreign language. Presently we have about 30% of students who participate in students exchange programmes, practices abroad and summer schools where they get international experience. This rate is already exceeded the goal provided by the strategy of Europe 2020. Our faculty expand the partnership and started the studies in English for the 3rd year students.     
VGTU International Relations
Students exchange programme Erasmus+ provides a possibility to study abroad in more than 20 universities all around in Europe.
Erasmus+ programme is an opportunity to study at one of the partnership‘s university and obtain Erasmus+ scholarship from €300 to €500 a month. Studies abroad duration is from 3 to 12 months, usually it lasts one semester from 3 to 6 months.
VGTU Creative Industries students study in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, France. 
Erasmus+ practice is a perfect chance for students who seek to get an international experience using a concept learning-by-doing. Students work in advertising agencies, organise all kind of festivals (music, cinema...), promote products and services, become producers‘ assistants. Pending this practice students achieve practical experience, understand better labor market of European Union and its features. Students obtain particular skills and widen their comprehension of the economy and culture of foreign country.  
Erasmus+ practice is:
  • International professional and cultural experience;
  • Work experience and eployers recommendations;
  • Communication in foreign language skills improvement;
  • New contacts;
  • Financial support – scholarship;
Duration: from 2 months, can not be performing during academic semester.
Creative Industries faculty‘s students has a possibility to study, to do an internship, to go to the summer school or practice to South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, United States of America, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova. For those who decide to go get an international experience beyond Europe region the university or different funds award onetime scholarship. Every year university provide for bachelor and master degrees students onetime scholarship award (about € 1448) for one semester to study beyond Europe.
Prerogative right is applied for those students who pretend to study at the university with which VGTU has signed a bilateral agreement.
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