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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University was the first to launch the studies of Creative Industries in Lithuania in 2008.  In 2011, the Department of Creative Entrepreneurship and Communication, was established. Currently, the Department employs both skilled communication specialists and teachers with practical experience in the field of communication and information: 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 10 lecturers.
In nowadays society, the ideas is the driving force of the economy; therefore, the creative industries may also be referred to as the creative economy that comprises art and cultural management, communication, marketing, advertising, media production and project management. Creative Industries studies, combining information technology, management, media and arts, bring together promising wide profile specialists seeking for bold and unexpected ways to implement their ideas.
Our creative and socially active staff have contributed to the cultural life and innovation development by working in public and private sectors. Academic skills are combined with long practical experience. As a result, a new generation of true creative communication professionals is being brought up.
We are looking forward to meeting you with your fresh new ideas and a willingness to seek knowledge in the Department of Creative Entrepreneurship and Communication


3 professors
Prof dr Jūratė Černevičiūtė
Assoc prof dr Rolandas Strazdas
Assoc Prof Dr Rasa Smaliukienė
6 associate professors
Dr Eglė Jaškūnienė
Liutauras Labanauskas
Dr Žygintas Pečiulis
Assoc Prof Dr Živilė Sederevičiūtė-Pačiauskienė
Dr Vaida Zemlickienė
Dr Viktorija Žilinskaitė-Vytienė
10 lecturers
Juris Belte
Dr Justas Nugaras
Dr Justinas Braslauskas
Tomas Jonušas
Lina Aistė Klimkaitė Petraitienė
Palmira Papšienė
Gintaras Šeputis
Dr Kristina Stankevičiūtė
Erika Straigytė
Angelė Tamulevičiūtė
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