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Chess competition 2017 for VGTU community

Chess competition 2017 for VGTU community
1. ORGANIZER. The competition will be organized by the VGTU Sports and Arts centre and supported by the Lithuanian chess federation.
2. PLACE AND TIME. The competition will take place in the VGTU Library, Sauletekio al. 11 on 3rd of March. On spot registration takes place from 10.00 to 10.55 and the competition will begin at 11.00.
3. ORGANIZATION. The competition will be individual. There will be 5 or 7 matches played in the Swiss system depending of the amount of participants. Time regulation for the match will be 15+15 minutes. There will be a lunch pause between the third and the fourth match. Expected time for finishing the competition is 17.30.
4. PARTICIPANTS. Competition is open to all who are working, teaching or studying in VGTU. For organizational purposes, we ask you to register yourself on the following E-mail address
5. RANKING. In case of two or more players with the same amount of points, Median-Buchholtz coefficient shall be used, if said coefficient is equal, an additional match will be held.
6. REWARDING. The best 3 players shall be awarded with diplomas and prizes, the best female player shall be awarded with a diploma and a prize.
7. EXTRAS. Competition will be held according to the FIDE chess code, the competition itself is unofficial and no ratings will be accounted. Head Judge – Aleksander Aid. For further questions feel free to write to the following E-mail address
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