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Focus. The Faculty of Creative Industries is receptive to innovation and is focused on the new generation of creative communication, business and technology professionals. Creative and socially active professionals are being nurtured by the faculty, which promotes the development of innovation in Lithuanian culture and outside the country.
Key facts and achievements. VGTU was the first university in Lithuania to implement a study programme in creative industries. It is now one of the most advanced study programmes of VGTU in terms of student demand and the quality of studies.
According to the international expert panel of Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Center (MOSTA), the faculty is playing an important role in attracting attention to creative industries in Lithuania, participating in the creation of initiatives such as Vilnius Film Cluster and participating in Lithuanian Communication Society and National Association of Creative and Culture Industries. Faculty has become a great platform to develop start-up enterprises in the creative sector leveraging students‘ creativity.
International partners/projects
The academic staff of the faculty contributed to the development and implementation of the project under EU structural funds “Product design, innovation and creativity centre LinkMenų Fabrikas” together with VGTU partner in Scotland - Edinburgh Napier University. The main idea of the project was to create a synergy of business, research and studies and create a place where students can get all the tools they need to go from idea to prototype.
The project “Impact of complex environmental factors on the creator” was implemented under the EU structural funds to investigate the indicators influencing the efficiency of creative groups.
An international project “Clustering creativity” consolidates European creative business companies and universities for the empowerment of Cultural and Creative Industries for the creation of jobs in new media market. Project aims to prepare students for a global market of creative industries and to establish a platform for students and business collaboration.
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